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Road Racing

      009_8.jpg (953225 bytes)             
           Jim Wheeler                                                               
              Omaha, Ne.                                                                     

                  gulizia1.JPG (123939 bytes)
            Mark Walker                                        Steve Gulizia
            Omaha, Ne.                                          Bellevue, Ne. 

     ciasulli.jpg (78527 bytes)    frankcar.jpg (87239 bytes)     
                Michael Ciasulli                            Frank Safranek                                
                Greenbrook, NJ.                             Omaha, Ne.                                   


      Buddy new4.JPG (244349 bytes)                Hans Iwand.jpg (209175 bytes)       
                   Buddy & Stan Cisar                                   Hans Iwand                      
            SCCA ITE Ford Mustang Cobra                          Omaha, Ne.                  

      monte carlo 041.jpg (1842658 bytes)
                Michael Wold-Steel
                     Omaha, Ne.


             Numbers and sponsor decals can me made using magnetic material to keep 
        the car stock appearing for the street for Solo racers.  Since some body panels are
       fiberglass or even Kevlar, rather than using magnetic that won't stick obviously, we can
       use a "low tack" vinyl that can be somewhat re-usable.  Allowing the decals to be removed
       for street use.  Give us a call for more info and pricing on this alternative.








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